Hello everyone we are having an open week down here on the nursery and we have lots of plants ready for you to buy if you so wish ,what is looking good at the moment are all the alpina`s ,koreana`s and macropetala`s full of bud in an array of colours from the deepest purple in koreana brunette to the purest white in koreana Broughton Bride also looking great is the lovely evergreen clematis Michiko which are dripping in bud which will open to glistening white flowers ,there are plenty of big flowering clematis available aswell and if your tipple is a double
we have the following Charmaine deep ruby red ,Arctic Queen ,ice white Diamanthina deep blue ,and Josephine to name but a few ,Hope to see you all later in the week we are OPEN 10 TO 4 ON ALL 5 DAYS AND REMEMBER WE ARE BASED AT SHOWELL NURSERY BYE FOR NOW , MARCEL

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